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Expedition Itinerary:

May 19th: Equipment and supplies freighted from UK.

June 23th: Depart UK for Reykjavik.

June 25th:Connecting flight to Constable point where we meet our equipment and supplies.

June 26th:A chartered helicopter will take us to Renland. We will be deposited on the Edward Baily Glacier where we will establish our base camp.

July 25th 2008: Extraction, by helicopter, from Renland.

July 26th 2008: Flight from Constable point to Reykjavik.

July 28th 2008: Return flight to UK.

Expedition Objectives:

As things stand we have limited information about specific objectives as this area has only been visited by one mountaineering expedition (a small number of scientific expeditions have visited Renland but they were not interested in mountaineering objectives and worked mainly near to the coast). The report from this expedition has just been issued and a copy is in the post to us. However, Dick Griffiths, the leader of this expedition, has confirmed the huge potential for new routes and peaks to be ascended both on rock and mixed ground in the area, describing the terrain as consisting of spires and towers. We expect to be attempting routes at grades of around V Diff or alpine Peu Difficile, thus climbing well within our limits in this remote area. Our main objective is to ascend as many unclimbed peaks as possible. The locations that we have identified as possible areas for camps mean that most of the routes that we attempt will finish on the ice cap, with a planned bivouac there and return via a glacier to camp. Most routes will involve 2-4 days away from base.

This ariel photograph is marked with some potential objectives. Our intended base camp (BC) is marked in the wrong place on this map.